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About CSK

CSK is my dream to combine the city with the great outdoors.

Christchurch, Sea Kayaking & KT

Kia Ora!

I'm KT and Christchurch Sea Kayaking is my brainchild.  I love living in Christchurch, New Zealand! And I also love outdoor activities. So I have found a way to combine the two - Christchurch Sea Kayaking.

What's your story KT?

I grew up on the East Coast of the South Island, and Christchurch is my home. I am from the indigenous tribe Waitaha, a people who follow the Guardian of Peace, Rongo Marae Roa.


​​I have been a sea kayak guide all over the South Island, New Zealand - from Abel Tasman to Fiordland. There are so many remarkable places to visit in New Zealand, and sea kayaking is one of the most enjoyable ways to explore our iconic waterways. I am passionate about the outdoors, people, nature, culture, history, geology, and sea kayaking, so what better way to combine those things then creating a local tourism company?  By starting Christchurch Sea Kayaking I am hoping to provide locals and visitors unique access to the outdoor activities and opportunities that exist in the heart of Christchurch, its nearby surrounds, and out to the bounding sea.

After spending so much time working elsewhere, it is really nice to be able to now settle back home in this evolving city. 


So come join me on a tour  - let's have a yarn and swap stories!

Ooo, tell me more!

My underlying philosophy stems from how we tend to believe that a city must be void of nature - the "Concrete Jungle". However Christchurch is anything but! The city is ideally located by the sea side, right amongst the rolling Port Hills and the vast Canterbury Plains, and is just a short drive to the picturesque Southern Alps - this city is a dream for any outdoor enthusiast!  My goal with Christchurch Sea Kayaking is to show locals and visitors alike a glimpse of what outdoor opportunities exist right in their backyards, and in the heart of the city.


Using the Otakaroro awa/ Avon river, we explore the water ways, float through Christchurch's Red Zone (the  suburbs devastated from the 2011 earthquake) and see how nature is finding its way back into the urban sprawl.


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